Clinician Eligibility

    Clinician Eligibility

    Certification is open to clinicians that have accomplished the following:

    • A graduate degree in a mental health field (e.g. psychology, counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, psychiatric nursing, psychiatry, etc.)
    • Licensure in a mental health discipline in their geographic area
    • If the country or geographic area in which you practice does not have licensure or formal degree requirements, then you will be accepted for certification training providing that you meet the training requirements that have been established by the EMDR International Association for the training of EMDR therapists in your area.

    Certification Goals

    The goals of the different REMAP method certification programs (Quick REMAP, the full REMAP process and the REMAP Visual Field Treatment) are to:

    • Insure that the clinician has had sufficient training to integrate the learning into long-term memory
    • Provide sufficient experience for the clinician to be comfortable in utilizing the REMAP training in clinical practice
    • Provide enough professional consultation that the most important questions regarding the practice of REMAP are answered
    • Encourage the long term utilization of these methods for the benefit of those who are emotionally suffering
    • Enable the clinician to demonstrate a basic ability to work with the tools
    • Promote a common standard of practice
    • Encourage the ethical application of the treatment methods
    • Distinguish the professional, licensed therapist who has appropriate academic and mental health backgrounds from all others
    • Acknowledge those who have the highest levels of training and expertise

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