Clinical Applications

    REMAP Treatment Methods — Clinical Applications

    Thinking Brain

    The REMAP Visual Field Treatment (REMAP VF-tx) can be utilized with a wide range of clinical issues and performance enhancement goals.  It is suitable for both thinking brain and emotional midbrain issues.  REMAP VF-tx offers improvements in the area of desensitizing emotional distress through the use of the visual field.  It also provides a useful mechanism for processing the cognitive features of treatment targets.

    Quick REMAP and the full REMAP process are powerful tools for intervening upon issues that have an intense emotional component.  Since Quick REMAP and the full REMAP process are designed to first target the emotional midbrain, these approaches will work very well for issues that involve the limbic system over reactivity.  This could include a variety of anxiety disorders such as:

    • Phobias (Claustrophobia, Fear of Flying, Fear of Driving, Animal Phobias, Fear of Public Speaking, etc.)
    • Panic Disorder (Panic and Anxiety Attacks)
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
    • Social Anxiety

    There can also be opportunities for the use of Quick REMAP and the full REMAP process in the treatment of depression.  This is primarily the case when an overwhelming traumatic event is providing a secondary contribution to depression.  Traumatic grief (a phenomenon that occurs when a related trauma disrupts a person from going through the stages of grief and causes them to remain stuck in grief) can be effectively treated with REMAP.

    Emotional Midbrain

    When you think in terms of the “fight or flight” response, fear responses (such as anxiety disorders) are all a part of the “flight” side of this limbic system response.  However on the “fight” side, we have all of the anger related symptoms of over reactivity.  Quick REMAP and the full REMAP process can be very useful in managing and desensitizing false alarm responses whether they are rooted in anxiety or anger.

    The REMAP pilot study and Quick REMAP single case studies support the benefits of using REMAP to regulate the sympathetic nervous system.  So the use of REMAP for stress, anger and anxiety related issues is a natural clinical application.  However, REMAP trained clinicians are reporting a wider range of treatment issues that benefit from the REMAP treatment methods (e.g. addictive cravings).

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