What is REMAP?

    REMAP (Reed Eye Movement Acupressure Psychotherapy) is the innovative synthesis of mind-body therapy, brain science, powerful behavioral desensitization, counter-conditioning, mindfulness and simple, yet effective cognitive interventions.  The total treatment effect is greater than the sum of the parts.

    REMAP has a central focus of calming the emotional midbrain and soothing the sympathetic nervous system in order to counter condition subcortical conditioned responses. Through innovative applications of acupressure, mindfulness, breath regulation and activation of regions within the visual field, REMAP works from body to brain in order to desensitize emotional distress. Through this mechanism, the REMAP methods help to retrain the limbic system to make associations of relaxation and comfort with memories that were previously coded as painful.

    A secondary focus of REMAP is to address the contribution of the thinking brain (cortex) to emotional suffering and to provide both familiar and new interventions that help.

    REMAP teaches the therapist how to track the client shifting between emotional midbrain and thinking brain. By doing this, the therapist can choose a treatment intervention that targets the region of the brain that is most involved in activating or exacerbating the distress. REMAP also trains the practitioner to assess how detached or emotionally flooded the client is from moment to moment and to help them move toward an optimum balance point where treatment will be most effective.

    REMAP gives you real tools (Quick REMAP, the full REMAP process and the REMAP Visual Field Treatment) that will make a real difference in your mental health practice and in the lives of those you treat.

    If you want the best of innovative, traditional and evidence-based interventions, working together for the benefit of those who need your help, then you are invited to learn REMAP.

    Quick REMAP | full REMAP process | REMAP VF tx
    Quick REMAP | full REMAP process | REMAP VF tx


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