REMAP Institute Co-Sponsors

    REMAP Institute Co-Sponsors are individual psychotherapists and/or training institutes who sponsor or arrange REMAP training events in various cities/countries.

    Examples of co-sponsors include:

    • Jutta Bockhold & Hartmut Gerber — Hamburg, Germany
    • Yves Wauthier-Freymann/Therapeutia — Brussels, Belgium
    • David Santoro, PhD — Cleveland, Ohio
    • Hisako Koizumi, MD/Ohio State University Medical School — Columbus, Ohio
    • Patricia Thatcher, MSW — Boston, Massachusetts

    If you would like to co-sponsor a REMAP Institute training event in your area, please contact Steve B. Reed, LPC, LMSW, LMFT at the REMAP Institute —

    Co-Sponsor Quick REMAP Workshops

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