Quick REMAP Demonstration Video — 2008 Germany

    Quick REMAP Demonstration Video - Germany 2008  Quick REMAP Demonstration Video
      by Steve B. Reed, LPC, LMSW, LMFT
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    This is a demonstration video that was filmed in 2008 at a Quick REMAP Level 1 Workshop in Germany.  The video is 32 minutes in length and illustrates what a Quick REMAP treatment session might look like in clinical practice.  Jutta Bockhold, a psychologist and Quick REMAP trainer in Hamburg, was kind enough to volunteer as the demonstration subject for this video.  The video was filmed by Bernd Nolde and Hartmut Gerber.  Bernd edited the film.

    The video illustrates the use of the Quick REMAP process in the treatment of emotional features including grief, sadness and anger relating to a veterinarian mishandling putting her dog to sleep.

    Quick REMAP Level 1 Workshop in Ahrensburg Germany

    Ahrensburg Castle

    The Quick REMAP training took place in Ahrensburg, Germany which is just outside of Hamburg.  The Ahrensburg castle was a very short walk from the hotel where the training took place and offered the opportunity for a pleasant stroll after a day of learning the REMAP process.


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