Quick REMAP Level 1 Workshop — 2015 Dallas

    REMAP Visual Field Treatment Training -- Brussels 2011

    Steve B. Reed, LPC -- Quick REMAP Training -- Brussels 2011

    Quick REMAP Workshop — Dallas

    After numerous requests, I have scheduled a Quick REMAP Level 1 Workshop for the Dallas area.  The training will be held on Friday and Saturday, the 20th and 21th of March, 2015.

    I have decided to limit my REMAP training events to the Dallas area for now and to video presentations that I have already filmed or will film in the future.  I appreciate all of the requests that I have received about holding other live training events and I am happy to make the March training available now.

    Although I will be sending an email announcement about the training a couple of months prior to the scheduled dates, feel free to go ahead and contact me to secure your place at the training.

    Please see the Quick REMAP Level 1 Workshop details and brochure as well as the training calendar.

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